We’ve all been there: your company sales team goes to a trade show, puts on a strong presence, talks to lots of prospects, and comes home with dozens of promising B2B sales leads. And then? Nothing. Either there’s too little follow-up after the trade show, or the trade show follow-up is handled the wrong way, as your salespeople don’t have time to promptly follow up with all of the sales leads they found at the trade show.

Why not talk to Strategic Sales & Marketing about how we can use our time-tested lead management services to help your company take your trade show follow-up to the next level?

Instead of seeing your precious B2B sales leads fall through the cracks, your business leads will hear from our team of experienced appointment setters and sales specialists. We can help you qualify your sales leads, conduct appointment setting calls, follow up on specific offers from the trade show, and help move your sales pipeline from “prospect” to “purchase.”

Why should you consider hiring an outsourced lead management company to help with your trade show follow-up?

  • Multiple touches: Instead of relying on the trade show presence alone, your company will get better-qualified sales leads (and bigger sales results) if you use professional lead generation services to represent your company and make personalized phone contact with your prospects, clients and business leads – both before and after a trade show.
  • Drive traffic to your trade show exhibit: Help drive traffic to your trade show booth by using professional lead generation services to remind your clients of your trade show presence and inviting them to stop by. Our agents can serve as an additional point of contact that helps drive your business leads to your trade show exhibit location, while also keeping your company “top of mind” with prospective buyers.
  • Say “thanks:” Trade show attendees visit dozens of trade show booths in the course of a day – but how many do they really remember? Make your trade show experience more memorable by following up with your customers for a simple post-trade show follow-up call. Our telemarketing representatives can offer a simple “thank you” to your visitors, and also help to qualify your sales leads by asking a few follow-up questions to clarify their intentions and find out how soon they’re planning to make a purchase.
  • Send your sales team the highest-potential buyers: Our teams are experienced professionals, but they’re here to support your sales team so your in-house sales pros can spend more time with your highest-potential buyers. Every trade show follow-up program includes processes so our reps can transfer calls directly to your company’s in-house sales team. We’ll help you qualify sales leads and screen the most promising business leads so your sales team spends less time on low-yield calls, and more time having conversations with customers who are closest to making a buying decision.

When you hire Strategic Sales & Marketing for trade show follow-up services, you get more than just phone calls. We give you strategic thinking and proven expertise in lead management, lead generation, and qualifying sales leads. We provide comprehensive trade show follow-up services, including call strategy, telemarketing scriptwriting, and a full range of real-time data tracking and analytical tools via our online client dashboard. You’ll get full transparency and 24-7 visibility into the results of your trade show follow-up calls.

Here are the biggest advantages of using our trade show follow-up services:

  • U.S. based sales agents: We only use U.S. call centers – no international telemarketing centers. This means that your customers hear from fluent, culturally-adept English speakers who can engage and discuss your industry in an authentic and credible manner.
  • Professional sales agents: If you’re talking to B2B sales leads, you know you need a higher level of professionalism, tact and comportment. We give you experienced, well-trained sales representatives who will represent your company with the utmost competence and a high degree of contact management etiquette.
  • Quality Control: We are focused on relentlessly improving the quality, consistency, and efficiency of our trade show follow-up services, starting by recording each call for quality assessment. We use two-way silent monitoring for ongoing training and quality control. Our goal is to help our telemarketing staffers get better every day, so we can deliver better results for your company.

Ready to start improving your trade show follow-up results? Talk to Strategic Sales & Marketing and get a free quote on trade show follow-up services. We’re happy to discuss lead generation, qualifying sales leads, or any other lead management services.