Direct mail is a tried-and-true method of lead generation, since it gives you a targeted, trackable way to obtain business leads. E-mail is another common method of B2B lead generation, since it gives you the advantages of immediacy and customization.

But every marketing campaign, no matter how effective the e-mail and direct mail components may be, needs a strong program of follow-up sales calls to help qualify B2B sales leads and identify the high-potential prospects to send on for further conversations with your sales team.

Combining all of three of these lead generation tools – direct mail, e-mail and follow-up sales calls – gives your organization a multi-layered B2B lead generation campaign to cast a wider net in obtaining sales leads, while also creating a more focused process to narrow and qualify the sales leads.

Strategic Sales & Marketing offers more comprehensive services than most lead generation companies. We help our clients create multi-touch, integrated direct marketing programs that combine direct mail, e-mail and follow up calls to better qualify your business leads and take your campaign to the next level.

Here’s how Strategic Sales & Marketing can put technology and lead generation expertise to work to get the sales results you’re looking for:

  • Rigorous research: Direct mail and sales e-mails doesn’t have to be a “shot in the dark.” We don’t just drop a mailer and then deploy an e-mail to your house file. Instead, as part of every lead generation campaign, we conduct careful pre-list research to make sure your message is targeted to the correct decision maker at each organization on your prospect list. In B2B lead generation, “quality” of sales contacts is just as important as “quantity” of contacts. We strive to start your sales process off right, with smart, well-informed research into who your prospects are and how to reach them.
  • Personalized, trackable responses: We include PURLs on every piece of direct mail and every solicitation e-mail to drive business leads to their own personalized website. This helps us keep better track of responses and enables a more customized approach to the high-value business leads on your prospect list.
  • Smart analysis and reporting: When you’re doing lead generation, it helps to have measurable benchmarks and a clear understanding of your goals and results. We give you full transparency into the results and ROI of our lead generation services. You’ll get full reporting on every direct mail drop, e-mail blast and PURL and we develop a follow up strategy accordingly.

Why hire Strategic Sales & Marketing?

  • We give you a professional team of appointment setters and lead generation experts.
  • We offer a comprehensive process backed by time-tested methods, innovative technology and 22 years of B2B lead generation expertise.
  • We’ll support your existing sales team or serve as your fully outsourced partner in lead generation and appointment setting services.

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