Benefits of Hiring Fractional Sales Rep

No Long-Term Contracts: Opting for Short-Term Commitments

By avoiding long-term contracts, companies can easily scale their sales efforts up or down as required, without being tied to extended commitments that may not align with changing market conditions or internal priorities.

No Recruitment or Training: Saving Time and Resources

By eliminating the need for recruitment and training, companies can save valuable time and resources that would otherwise be spent on sourcing, hiring, onboarding, and training new sales personnel. This streamlined approach enables businesses to quickly access experienced sales professionals without the overhead costs and time investment associated with traditional recruitment processes.

Quick Ramp-Up: Swiftly Integrating and Delivering Results

Our efficient onboarding process ensures a rapid integration of our fractional sales team into your existing sales operations, allowing for a seamless transition and immediate impact on sales performance. This quick ramp-up time translates into faster results, accelerated revenue generation, and a shorter time-to-market for your products or services.

Built-In Lead Generation Programs: Building Your Sales Pipeline

We design and implement a comprehensive lead generation program that continuously feeds your fractional sales team with high-quality leads. This proactive approach ensures a steady flow of potential customers into your sales pipeline, enabling your team to focus on converting leads into loyal customers while we handle the critical task of generating new business opportunities.

Cost-Efficiency: No High Fixed Ongoing Costs

Our cost-efficient model eliminates high fixed ongoing costs such as benefits, perks, and HR issues associated with full-time employees. By opting for our fractional sales services, companies can access top-tier sales expertise without incurring the financial burden of maintaining a dedicated in-house sales team, resulting in significant cost savings and improved profitability.

Enhanced Sales Productivity: Leveraging Experience and Expertise

Our fractional sales management and rep teams bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table, often surpassing the level of sales experience within our clients’ organizations. This enhanced level of proficiency translates into higher sales productivity, improved conversion rates, and more effective sales strategies that drive sustainable growth and success for our clients.

Purchase High-Level Sales Resources as Needed

When opting for a fractional sales team, you have the opportunity to purchase precisely the number of resources you need while accessing high-level sales expertise tailored to your requirements. This unique aspect of fractional sales services offers a rare combination of flexibility and quality, allowing you to scale your sales efforts without compromising on the caliber of talent supporting your sales initiatives.

Securing highly experienced sales professionals on a part-time basis is often challenging within an in-house setting, as seasoned sales experts typically seek full-time roles for stability and career progression. The fractional model bridges this gap by providing access to top-tier sales talent on a flexible basis, enabling companies to benefit from the expertise of experienced professionals without the constraints of traditional employment arrangements.

Every B2B company needs to generate new sales leads, expand their sales pipeline, and improve their conversion rates to drive revenue growth. Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) and Business Development Representatives (BDRs) play an essential role in finding prospects, starting conversations, and booking sales appointments.

But not every company has the right level of internal resources to devote to hiring full-time SDRs. Recruiting and retaining top SDR talent can be challenging, especially when you need results fast.

Are you…

  • Looking to get the right level of sales rep support for your organization’s needs?
  • Trying to ramp up your lead generation and sales development efforts during a crucial time period for your business?
  • Seeking to maximize business lead generation during a new product launch or while expanding into a new market?
Fractional Sales Rep Services

Whatever your B2B business goals, Strategic Sales & Marketing (SSM) can connect you with experienced, effective fractional sales rep talent. Our team of fractional SDRs can be an influx of new business development energy for your organization, bringing fresh perspectives and serving as an extension of your full-time staff.

See how our outsourced SDR services can drive sales results for your business!

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SDR as a Service: How our Team Supports Your Sales Process

When you hire SSM for outsourced BDR services, you get more than just access to fractional sales development rep talent. We can provide you with a wide range of lead generation and marketing support, with customized lead generation programs to suit your business goals and timelines. Our fractional BDRs are trained on SSM’s proprietary, time-tested lead generation and appointment setting process, which includes:

  • Proactive multi-touch outreach: We reach out to prospects via phone, email, social media, and other methods to find your prospects and reach your decision makers.
  • Methodical follow-up: It can take time to get through to busy B2B buyers. Our reps are dedicated and energetic. They’ll keep trying to contact your prospects to get sales meetings on the calendar.
  • Careful B2B lead management: Our reps know how to prioritize, qualify, rank, and nurture your new sales leads. Different prospects need different levels of support to get their questions answered and get ready to buy; we give your leads the careful handling that they deserve!
  • When you hire SSM for fractional sales representative support, you get the combined power of years of experience and industry-leading expertise, but with a shorter time commitment and better control of your costs than hiring additional full-time employees.

    Let’s look at a few ways that our fractional sales development reps can support your business and grow your sales pipeline.

    Laying the Groundwork: Market Research and Industry Expertise

    Unlike most outsourced SDR companies, Strategic Sales & Marketing can provide a wide range of marketing support, including market research and other fundamentals. We’ll work with your team upfront to help identify your target market and build contact lists with your key decision-makers and most sought-after prospects.

    From there, our fractional business development reps start cold calling and conducting other proactive outreach to find decision makers and contact your prospects. We use email marketing, social media outreach, and other outbound lead generation methods to get in touch with your potential buyers, introduce your company, and book sales meetings for your team.

    B2B Lead Generation: Beyond the First Cold Call

    At SSM, our fractional sales professionals are dedicated, diligent, and focused on following up with prospects. We don’t stop with the first voicemail or wrong number. We are committed to our proprietary multi-touch outreach process to get in front of your prospects with creative (but non-intrusive) points of contact.

    When we get through to your prospects for that first conversation, our goal is simple: build trust. Create rapport. Begin the process of getting to know your prospects, asking questions to uncover their “pain points” and business challenges, and showing them how your solution can help. We want to ask every prospect to commit to a “next step” in the sales process – for example, by asking them to agree to set appointments for a follow-up sales call or product demo.

    B2B sales cycles can be long; sometimes up to 2 years. Our fractional sales rep team helps begin the process, and works to give you a stronger foundation for success.

    Elevating Outsourced SDR Services

    With SSM, you don’t just get a new sales development rep; you get sophisticated advisory services to elevate your entire lead management effort. We collaborate closely with your company to understand your target market and “talk the talk” of your industry. Our outbound SDRs represent your company as credible, reliable industry peers who can build productive conversations with your prospective customers.

    We can also offer ideas to improve your sales presentations and product demos, making sure your key selling points and unique value proposition are relevant to your target market. SSM has been in the business of B2B lead generation for more than 34 years; we’ve seen every possible scenario. We know how to navigate the ups and downs of the sales process with resilience and adaptability.

    Fractional Sales Management: Comprehensive Support for Success

    Need a fractional sales manager to help boost your sales team’s performance? SSM can provide your team with customized sales training and sales coaching, based on our 34 years of B2B experience across hundreds of business categories. Our training programs equip your salespeople with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in their roles.

    For every SSM fractional business development program with our sales reps, SSM also serves as a sales consultant and sales manager. We supervise the details of your lead generation program, make sure every business development rep is performing at the level expected, and help navigate any issues along the way. SSM strategically steers your lead generation program toward greater efficiency and success. Leveraging our industry expertise, we identify process improvements that create a dynamic sales pipeline.

    A Journey Through a Fractional Sales Rep Program

    Outsourced BDR Services with Transparency and Partnership

    At SSM, we want you to see the progress that our team is making along the way. We build every program with transparency and accountability, so you can view a dashboard 24/7 to see how many new leads our team is generating, and follow the latest conversations, trends and notes.

    We will have open communication with you along the way, in a spirit of partnership. You’ll get regular updates and sales reports so you can see the results of your lead generation program, and we will proactively share the latest details, feedback from prospects, and any challenges we encounter – not just emphasize our successes.

    It’s important to us to keep our clients informed at every step of the journey. Our spirit of transparency and regular reporting of performance and results can also help us uncover valuable insights, guide strategic decisions, and foster a collaborative partnership built on mutual trust.

    How to Measure ROI of a Fractional SDR

    There are several ways to evaluate the results and ROI of SSM’s sales reps:

    • How many new leads we help generate: Sometimes “just get more leads” is the name of the game. Hiring a fractional sales rep can help boost the capacity of your team, without the overhead costs of a full-time employee.
    • Overall quality of the new leads we generate: We will help you begin the process of creating sales conversations with your leads, opening up higher-quality sales calls.
    • How much time we save for your sales team: By doing the upfront work of prospecting and cold-calling, our reps can help your salespeople save time and do more of what they do best – and hopefully speed up the sales process with higher conversion rates.

    Hiring outsourced SDRs can help your B2B company generate more sales leads, unlock higher-quality leads, and accelerate the performance of your sales team. Working with fractional reps can be a cost-effective investment to quickly ramp up your sales team’s effectiveness. Why not start today?

    Why Choose Our Fractional Sales Rep Services?

    • Flexibility: Get the sales expertise you need without the long-term commitment of a full-time hire. Our fractional sales reps are available on a part-time or temporary basis, allowing you to scale your sales efforts as needed.
    • Cost-Effectiveness: Save on recruitment, training, and overhead costs associated with hiring a full-time salesperson. Our fractional BDR services offer a cost-effective solution tailored to your budget and requirements.
    • Proven Expertise: Our fractional sales reps bring a wealth of experience and a proven track record in driving sales success. With their deep industry knowledge and sales acumen, they can quickly adapt to your business and deliver results.
    Why Choose SSM Fractional Sales Rep

    FAQs About Fractional Sales Rep Services

    What is a Fractional Sales Rep?

    A fractional sales development rep (SDR) works on a temporary, part-time, or contract basis to help companies improve their sales performance. Unlike full-time employees, fractional reps are usually hired just for a specific project or for the duration of a certain lead generation program.

    SDRs do the upfront work of researching, identifying, finding, and contacting B2B sales prospects. They support the sales team by generating leads and setting sales appointments. SDRs tend to work by making lots of phone calls and doing proactive outreach to contact prospects via social media, email, and other marketing methods.

    Some of the biggest B2B sales deals start with small efforts by SDRs. These sales professionals help make things happen and begin the process of building relationships with prospects.

    How Does a Fractional Sales Rep Drive Quicker Results?

    A good fractional business development rep can help drive faster sales results by discovering higher-quality sales leads, finding key decision-makers, learning important insights about the prospect’s company, and proactively reaching out to book sales meetings and stay top-of-mind for prospects.

    Think of fractional reps as being like a “wingman” or “matchmaker” to support your sales team. They help make introductions, build trust, and start the process of a larger conversation that can lead to a sale.

    What Types of Companies Can Use a Fractional Sales Rep?

    B2B companies across a wide range of industries can benefit from the support of a fractional sales rep. If you sell to big companies, if you sell to B2B buyers, if you need more leads or want higher-quality leads, a fractional rep can help accelerate your sales success.

    At SSM, our fractional reps have expertise across all kinds of B2B industries and categories, from Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions, to professional services like marketing agencies, to selling employee benefits and insurance. We speak the language of B2B sales, and we can build relationships with your prospects as credible peers who know the industry landscape.

    What Does Hiring a Fractional Sales Rep Cost?

    It depends on the scope of the project or how long you need to hire a SDR, but in general, most outsourced SDR companies charge $75-$150 per billable hour for these fractional sales rep services. The exact billing range might vary slightly by location or industry; if you need specialized support from an experienced sales rep, it might cost more.

    Keep in mind that these are in-demand professional services, in the same way as hiring an accountant, attorney, or marketing firm to support your business. The best people in the field are not going to be the cheapest, but they are likely to be worth more than they cost.

    How Do You Hire a Fractional Sales Manager?

    Hiring fractional sales management support is often a good idea if you need to improve the performance of your sales team. SSM provides a range of services in sales management, sales consulting, and sales coaching. We also provide hands-on management for our outsourced SDR as a service projects and lead generation programs, to make sure you’re getting the results that you need.

    Can SDRs do more than just lead generation?

    SSM’s fractional business development reps are versatile, and can offer a range of services, such as appointment setting, qualifying inbound sales leads, lead management, and more. Anything you need to support your sales and marketing goals can be part of a customized lead generation program.

    For example, do you need more support with early-stage prospecting and research to identify prospects and build a contact list? Our reps can do that.

    Or do you already have a good contact list and know who you need to reach, but don’t have the in-house bandwidth to make all the calls? Our reps can help with outreach.

    Do you need support to handle inbound leads? We provide trained sales reps who can serve as your inbound call center. Our SDRs can be the first point of contact with your new leads, and start to qualify, rank, and prioritize your prospects before they meet your sales team.

    Is an Outsourced SDR Program Flexible?

    There are multiple ways to set up your fractional SDR program. It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. Different companies need different levels of support at different stages of the sales cycle.

    For example, some companies might need more early-stage help with prospecting, while others need sales appointments, and others need reps who can lead that first sales meeting with the prospect, or give an online product demo, or work in tandem with the full-time in-house sales team.

    Talk to SSM. We’ll be happy to learn more about your business challenges and sales goals, and we’ll give you a customized quote with a detailed plan for how we can help!

    How to Hire the Best SDR for Your Sales Team?

    Whether you want to hire a fractional SDR or a full-time employee, here are a few characteristics and personality traits that the best SDRs tend to have.

    They have tenacity. They are determined, dogged, with a hunger for sales. They won’t stop until they’ve gotten that prospect’s email address or phone number; they’ll keep calling until the prospect answers.

    They believe in your product, service or solution. The best SDRs understand the value that your company offers, and they can communicate it with passion.

    They are competitive, but also team players. SDRs want to be successful, for their own sake – they want to get leads, they want to get credit for their work. But the best ones also enjoy being part of a team. They don’t hoard information; instead, they support each other, collaborate, and exchange ideas and insights.