Our manufacturing lead generation and manufacturing appointment setting services have helped companies grow for over 32 years. Our “turn-key” marketing programs are developed in cooperation with our expert team of tele sales professionals.

But how do lead generation companies work, and why are they worth the investment? Extensive fine-tuning and troubleshooting of our programs have generated manufacturing sales leads that have led to hundreds of thousands of dollars in new business revenues for clients. Our lead generation for manufacturers will help you build and grow your sales pipeline and deliver measurable results. Combined with manufacturing B2B appointment setting, we’ll allow you to focus solely on selling your services and increasing revenue.

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Manufacturing Appointment Setting Services That Make a Difference

Leaders from a wide range of industries rely on our manufacturing appointment setting services. They know SSM has the expertise and experience to generate appointments with qualified leads that want to do business with them. We specialize in appointment setting for manufacturing companies.

Our team of experts knows how to talk to your target audience. They identify pain points and highlight your company’s strategic importance. Our manufacturing B2B appointment setting creates an environment that fosters your sales team’s success. We lay the foundation so your company can improve its lead-generation efforts, boost conversation rates and close more deals.

How Manufacturing Appoint Setting Adds Value to Your Business

In combination with our manufacturing lead generation services, our manufacturing appointment setting powers your sales team for improved results. Our laser focus on the right audience means your company spends less time chasing leads and more time nurturing sales and closing deals.

Because we take over the grinding chores of making upfront cold calls and identifying good sales leads, your team has more time for high-value tasks that improve staff morale and your bottom line. Our manufacturing appointment setting services give your team the tools to succeed.

SSM Manufacturing Lead Generation and Appointment Setting Services: A Powerful 1-2 Punch

Our manufacturing lead generation and appointment setting services set the stage for your sales team’s success. When you hire SSM for B2B lead generation and manufacturing appointment setting, you get the advantage of our full 32+ years of expertise. SSM’s team of professionals understands your business and targets prospects interested in your products and services. The result is a more efficient process on your end, leading to lower costs per sale. Your team can focus on qualified leads that will build your business.

Lead Generation & Appointment Setting Manufacturing Companies Can Count On

Below is a list of the active business services categories in which we have experience. If your category is not listed here, please call us at 1-866-794-1472. We have likely worked in your business sector at some point over our 32+ years of manufacturing B2B lead generation and appointment setting experience.

  • Food Manufacturing
  • Beverage Manufacturing
  • Apparel Manufacturing
  • Wood Product Manufacturing
  • Paper Manufacturing
  • Printing and Related Support Activities
  • Petroleum and Coal Products Manufacturing
  • Chemical Manufacturing
  • Plastics and Rubber Products Manufacturing
  • Primary Metal Manufacturing
  • Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing
  • Machinery Manufacturing
  • Computer and Electronic Product Manufacturing
  • Electrical Equipment, Appliance, and Component Manufacturing
  • Transportation Equipment Manufacturing
  • Furniture and Related Product Manufacturing
  • Health & Beauty Aides
  • Consumer Product Goods

How Our Appointment Setting & Manufacturing Lead Generation Services Can Help

From B2B appointment setting to inbound lead management and manufacturing lead generation services, we can help you unlock many new sales opportunities and revenue streams, delivering true ROI. Contact us today and find out more about how SSM can help.

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