Market research surveys are the most effective method for gathering any sort of market information. When you need to know what companies want to purchase, why they want to purchase it, what price they will purchase at, and how they approach their buying decisions, you need to conduct trustworthy market research. Effective market research and surveys will help your company gather information from a small sample of a market in order to have a better chance of understanding and predicting what the whole market wants.

As part of our B2B lead generation services, Strategic Sales & Marketing (SSM) also offers extensive market research. We help our clients ask the right questions to identify and define market opportunities and problems; generate, refine, and evaluate marketing actions; monitor marketing performance; and to gauge overall customer satisfaction.

SSM creates hundreds of comprehensive market research and survey reports for our clients who rely upon our analytical perspective to help them make strategic decisions about their B2B marketing and lead generation efforts.

Our market research services can be geared toward any of the following objectives:

Before you invest a significant amount of money in developing, manufacturing or rolling out a new product or service, you need to assess how much of a market exists for that product. Our market research services can help your product/service development team get objective feedback and independent analysis of your new market opportunities so you can make better-informed decisions.

Find out what your customers really think – and make adjustments to your products/services based on real-life reporting from the people who matter most to your business. Our customer satisfaction reporting goes beyond “comment cards” and simple responses. We’ll help pinpoint the exact root causes and motivating factors that affect your customer experience, and help you get on to the next step of improving your products and strengthening your customer relationships.

If you have a regular survey program in place, whether it’s a customer satisfaction annual survey, market analysis surveys or competitive analysis surveys, our market research and survey reporting services can help you generate more specific and accurate analysis and understanding of the business-critical data that affects your company’s potential and performance.

Strategic Sales & Marketing offers a broad array of market research talent, giving you all the personnel needed for a successful market research project. Our market research team includes:

  • Research & Survey Interviewers: Good market research starts by asking the right questions, in the right way. Our experienced market research interviewers know how to talk to survey participants with unmatched professionalism, objectivity and precision.
  • Customer & Marketing Research Statisticians: Our statistical experts will help turn raw data into actionable insights and business intelligence.
  • Reporting, Coding and Layout Specialists: We’ll help create a clear and easy-to-follow visual conception of your market research results, making it easy to spread the message and show others what needs to be done.

Research Analysts: Go behind the numbers with our team of market research analysts. They’ll help you find the deeper meanings beneath the market research results, helping create recommendations for your next steps in strategy and tactics. Strategic Sales & Marketing uses sophisticated data analytics to create heatmap reports that enables you to identify trends by segments the population based on spend, geography, business size, or any other matrix available. This will give you objective data to base your strategic decisions on.

Ready to get smarter about your market research? Talk to Strategic Sales & Marketing about your market research and survey reporting needs. We’re also happy to discuss lead generation, qualifying sales leads, or any other lead management services.

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