Top 5 Appointment Setting Closers

Lots of lead generation companies claim to have special expertise in helping companies get bigger sales results from their B2B sales leads and lead generation efforts. Although there are a lot of different lead generation services that could potentially help your company’s sales results, sometimes the simple things make the biggest difference.

One way to get better results from your appointment setting calls is to simply rethink your method of closing the call. Are you ready to “Make the Ask” from your appointment setting calls? Here are 5 ways to get it done – clearly, concisely, and not “too clever by half.”

Close the Deal

5 easy ways to re-think and rejuvenate your appointment setting closers:

1. Be logical:

Don’t just ask for the appointment without offering sound logic as to why you and the decision-maker should meet. You don’t want meetings just for the sake of meeting, and neither does your prospect. If you want to take up an hour of the prospect’s time, there needs to be a compelling reason (for the prospect) to do so. If you say, “I would like to set up a meeting so you can learn more about us,” there is not much of a reason therefore the prospect to feel excited. Instead, it’s better to zero in on a problem that you can solve for the client. The logic here is clear: if the prospect takes the time to meet with you he may get the solution to a big problem. Always remember that it needs to make sense to the client in order to get that appointment – not only to you.

2. Be generous:

On every appointment setting call, you need to put a carrot in front of your prospect. Give them some incentive to keep talking with you and to trust you. Your carrot should be in the form of valuable information. Offer to run a free report, review a document for them, research their issue, or get an expert opinion from someone in your network on a problem that the client is facing.

3. Do your homework – Have the solution ready:

If you are following step one (from above), developing “logic” means also doing your homework. The more you know about the prospect’s business before you start the appointment setting process, the better your chances of getting the appointment. If you are seen as a solutions provider (and not just a “salesperson”) prospects will naturally want to meet with you.

4. Be flexible:

If the prospect wants to do a phone call instead of an on-site meeting, go with the flow. If the prospect wants to meet with you in 30 days instead of this week, book the appointment. If the prospect wants you to talk with one of his managers first, take the meeting and go with the flow. Recognize that you are at the entry point in a sale. Take the meeting and kick the door open, and then you can move on to the next steps.

5. Don’t Close the Door:

If you ask for the appointment and you get a “no”… don’t close the door. Instead, offer to follow up via e-mail with key information that the prospect needs (plan in advance for this possibility). Then make a second attempt to schedule the appointment by using the information you sent in order to re-open the conversation. Many second chance appointments don’t happen because you didn’t put yourself in a position to re-open the discussion.

When you’re trying to choose between lead management companies, try to find a firm that is focused on more than just “the sale” itself. The best lead generation companies take a comprehensive approach to lead generation services and can help with every step of the lead generation process, from finding new B2B sales leads to qualifying business leads, to appointment setting. Sometimes you’ll find that adjusting your appointment setting closers can be an important step to closing more deals.

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