Lead Management

B2B lead generation is the first step of the sales process, but once you’ve got some sales leads, you need to get the most out of them. This is where our Lead Management services can help you take your sales effort to the next level.

We help you rank and prioritize your sales leads, based on which prospects are most likely to buy. Our lead management process includes developing a systematic way to evaluate your prospects’ pain (the level of specific problems that the prospect needs to solve) and motivation (the prospect’s eagerness to buy). This helps your sales team focus on the prospects that are most likely to buy, making for a more efficient sales funnel.
Just because a prospect says “no” or “not interested” today doesn’t mean they will still feel that way in a few months. Companies’ needs change, budgets change, key decision makers move on or get promoted, and suddenly a prospect can go from “not interested” to “highly interested.” We’ll give you a consistent sales lead nurturing system to keep in touch with your prospects for the long-term, building business relationships by following up with helpful advice and insights along the way.
All of our clients get full visibility into the results of their lead management programs with 24/7 access via a designated website. You’ll be able to see our sales agents’ notes and updates on every conversation with prospects and watch the sales relationships develop over time.

Keep your sales leads alive

Too often, companies spend money on marketing and advertising to create a steady pipeline of sales leads, but fail to invest in lead management. Without steady, focused follow up, promising business leads will fall through the cracks and go to waste.


We manage your sales follow up with:

  • Pay per Click (PPC) campaigns
  • Direct mail
  • Inbound/outbound telemarketing
  • E-mail
  • Social media marketing

Strategic Sales & Marketing’s lead management services help you maximize your marketing ROI by qualifying sales leads and capturing important prospect data and metrics.

We’ll work as your partner to develop a lead management program that is custom-designed, scalable and adaptable for any budget. Whatever your biggest challenges and priorities might be, we’ll give you as much or as little lead management support as you need.

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Why We are Best B2B Lead Generation Service Provider?

Our Calling Center is U.S.-based: Our reps are U.S.-based native English speakers – not an offshore call center. We know how to speak to your prospect’s challenges and industry culture.

No Outsourcing: Some lead generation firms outsource the work to contractors; we don’t. All of our reps are employees of SSM, and we invest in developing their skills. We believe that our model delivers better results for you.

Experienced Sales Reps: Our reps have an average age of 35-55. They know how to build relationships with high-level decision-makers.

Industry-Founding Lead Generation Firm: SSM was established in 1989 and we helped invent this industry. We have an unsurpassed record of longevity and success.

Versatile Expertise: We know how to generate leads for major account B2B sales in hundreds of categories of products, solutions and services.

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