Qualified Lead Methodology

Generating leads is the lifeblood of your sales and marketing efforts. The SSM lead generation process is a total pipeline solution and involves a careful qualification system that has evolved over our 30-year history.

The process and stages behind SSM’s lead generation funnel are critical to successfully convert targeted contacts into qualified leads. The following diagram is designed to provide you with key insights into understanding the SSM lead generation process.

Lead definitions:

  • A – Onsite: These leads indicate an onsite meeting will occur.
  • A – Phone Conference: These leads indicate that a conference call will occur.
  • A – Demo: These leads indicate that you’ll be sharing an online demo with the Prospect.
  • A – Yes to Call: These leads indicate the Prospect has pain points and/or a willingness to learn about your services/solutions, and the timing for a follow-up call is now. The Prospect has agreed to receive collateral and agreed to a follow-up call.
  • B – Short Term: These leads often have pain points but have less of a sense urgency than an A – Yes to Call lead. These Prospects are expecting a follow-up phone call from you.
  • B – Long Term: These leads often have pain points but have less of a sense of urgency than a B – Short Term Lead. While these Prospects are expecting a follow-up phone call from you, they lack the urgency to do something about their pain issues.  These leads should be nurtured by your marketing efforts and should be re-contacted every 3-6 months.


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Why We are Best B2B Lead Generation Service Provider?

Our Calling Center is U.S.-based: Our reps are U.S.-based native English speakers – not an offshore call center. We know how to speak to your prospect’s challenges and industry culture.

No Outsourcing: Some lead generation firms outsource the work to contractors; we don’t. All of our reps are employees of SSM, and we invest in developing their skills. We believe that our model delivers better results for you.

Experienced Sales Reps: Our reps have an average age of 35-55. They know how to build relationships with high-level decision-makers.

Industry-Founding Lead Generation Firm: SSM was established in 1989 and we helped invent this industry. We have an unsurpassed record of longevity and success.

Versatile Expertise: We know how to generate leads for major account B2B sales in hundreds of categories of products, solutions and services.

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