More on dealing with “Not Interested” prospects: Using sales lead generation “Go-To’s”.

Handling sales lead objections will enhance your lead generation program. In the last article, we talked about using “not interested” to uncover unexpected objections your prospects might have. When you uncover these objections and prepare responses, you should add them to your sales lead generation Go-To List. A Sales Lead Generation Go-To list is, essentially, a crib sheet for arguments against any objections a prospect might throw at you. It can take whatever form you are comfortable with: a spreadsheet, a few printed pages tacked to the message board near your phone…you could even use HTML in a Word document (or online) to create a FAQ-style list where you can get to the appropriate response with a click of the mouse if you are familiar enough with the application.

Not Interested

More important than how you create the list is your commitment to maintaining it and adding to it each and every time you get a new “not interested” objection. Most of these objections center around either quality, price or service, or whether this need is already being met by another vendor. Each of these are objections that can be easily countered.

For instance, if a prospect isn’t interested because they “just signed a two-year lease on our existing office space,” Go To: “Are you in need of a satellite office or mirror-site to serve as a back-up?”

Finally, develop more than one counter to each objection. Try them all a number of times and track them to see which ones pull better results. Be sure to revise your sales lead generation Go-To list accordingly. Your Go-To list should be a constant work in progress, and you should feel encouraged each time you have to add a new page. It means you’re developing that many more new skills to deal with the dreaded “Not Interested.”

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