Test Drive FAQ

Test Drives provide important program benefits prior to contracting with us. Test drives are always done on a no cost and no obligation basis. Do you have any other questions not listed here? Contact Strategic Sales and Marketing and ask us!


Q. How long does a test drive run?

A. Test drives are done “live” and run one hour.


Q. How does SSM develop a test drive program?

A. SSM collaborates with you to develop a contact list and program script based upon your custom criteria. We then train our tele-sales team in preparation for running your test drive.


Q. Will the SSM rep that performs my test drive be a part of my lead generation team should I decide to move forward ?

A. Yes.


Q. After the test drive is over when can my program start?

A. Usually in a day or two.


Q. Will the test drive produce any leads?

A. Although the goal of a test drive is to evaluate the effectiveness of the script, contact, list and tele-sales rep , test drives often produces level one leads.


Q. Does SSM charge a fee to conduct a test drive?

A. No we do not charge any fees for test drive but if the test drive goes well prospective clients should be ready to move forward with a lead generation program.


Q. In doing a test drive am I obligated in any way to do business with SSM?

A. There is no obligation to contract with us as test drive are done on a no obligation basis.


Q. How do I get started?

A. Please complete the test drive registration form located here and we will contact you to set a date for your test drive.


Get more qualified leads.