Inside Sales Programs

In addition to B2B lead generation and appointment setting, the Strategic Sales and Marketing team offers extensive expertise in the art of the deal. We can serve as an outsourced sales team to take your organization’s sales operation to new heights – or supplement the existing efforts of your current sales team.


Every member of SSM’s B2B sales force has the experience to close the most complex sales by building relationships with decision makers at all levels from technical practitioners to C-level executives. Our experienced sales specialists, efficient sales processes, and flexible lead generation and business leads qualification services help the world’s leading and emerging companies to:


  • Adapt quickly to changing market conditions to increase sales
  • Increase profitability by shortening the sales cycle while minimizing head count
  • Leverage our industry-specific expertise to jumpstart access to new target market segments and verticals
  • Offload smaller sales opportunities to keep the core sales team focused on larger accounts
  • Reduce risks by testing the potential of new markets prior to making large investments
  • Maintain greater control over sales costs


Whether you’re launching a new business or product, expanding geographically, or entering untapped markets, it is important to move quickly while mitigating your risks. Hiring Strategic Sales and Marketing to be your outsourced sales partner gives you the power to quickly assemble an experienced, professional sales force supported by efficient lead generation and appointment setting processes.


Our Approach to B2B Sales Outsourcing
Jumpstart new market opportunities and accelerate your pipeline of business leads while minimizing risk by outsourcing your sales force to SSM. We provide customizable or turnkey services for each stage of the sales lifecycle from lead generation, qualifying business leads and appointment setting, to inquiry management and closing deals.


When you hire us as your outsourced B2B sales partner, you’ll get a dedicated team of skilled, professional B2B Sales experts who are experienced in the art of complex B2B sales. Unlike many other lead generation companies, SSM is focused on complex, long-term B2B sales that require multiple follow ups over a period of time. We give you the services of talented B2B Sales specialists, who represent your company with professionalism, passion and panache.


As part of every B2B sales outsourcing project, we offer the following lead generation services and sales support activities:


  • Developing a comprehensive database of business leads for your product or service
  • Contacting, qualifying and providing product demonstrations to qualified sales leads who are ready to purchase while continuing to nurture a pipeline of lower-level sales leads and future prospects
  • Engaging in well-informed conversations with buyers and business leads at all levels of the customer’s organization
  • Operating as a seamless extension of your business to maximize your marketing dollars and align with your sales strategy
  • Managing smaller sales opportunities from qualification of business leads to closing the deal
  • Providing real-time results and data analysis via our comprehensive dashboard to inform your investment decisions
  • Capturing and sharing detailed market research and competitive intelligence to guide your future marketing and sales decisions

Let our team become an extension of your sales organization. Whether you need to hire a new sales team, help meet growing demand on a temporary basis, or supplement the efforts of your in-house sales people, Strategic Sales and Marketing can serve as your ideal partner for B2B sales outsourcing.


Ready to extend the reach of your sales team? Talk to Strategic Sales and Marketing.

Our experienced team of talented appointment setters and B2B sales agents can deliver comprehensive lead generation services or customized appointment setting and B2B marketing programs to suit your needs.  Contact Strategic Sales and Marketing today for a Test Drive on how we can help you sell more, faster – with more sales leads and better qualified business leads, backed by the energy of a talented team of B2B sales professionals.