Press Release as a Highly Relevant Tool for Lead Generation

Lead generation has never been a simple task.  People, over the years, have realized, the hard way, that increasing competition in the industry has meant an increasingly saturated prospect.  It is because of this reason that telephone marketing, bulk emails and even text messages are being termed as intrusive or undesired by many people.  This has coerced marketers and lead generation companies to think beyond telemarketing lead generation and develop innovative ideas to break the jinx.

Press releases are the most sought after ideas of modern-day marketers and providers of lead generation services.  There is an educated understanding of the prospects today which makes one believe that press releases could be a handsome tool in the hands of the people.  With an escalated competitive activity, prospects are becoming averse to marketing messages which talk ruthlessly about promoting brands.  They are only ready to believe information that is coming from a trusted source, a source that is considered to be genuine, transparent, unbiased and honest.  Newspapers, blogs and online news websites fit into this perception quite seamlessly.  People consume news without doubting the intentions of the article writer.  It is here where press releases can fit in as a source of unparalleled and unprecedented fame for the company.

While it is established that press releases are a compelling tool for B2B lead generation, what one has to also realize is that the job, after all, is not all that simple.  Journalists are always on the lookout for stories but they are not willing to take up something which might not interest their audiences.  In other words, you have to build such interesting stories, around your brand, which might be compelling for the journalists and finally the newsreaders.  Here are some ideas which can help you achieve the objective.

Charity events are one of the most sought after ways of attracting instant media interest.  That also lends a philanthropic touch to the company and its work.  One can, in fact, take such charity events as an indirect tool of indulging into telemarketing lead generation alongside.  People might be contacted in the name of the event and a subtle message about the brand can be passed on alongside.  Hence, not only is the event being promoted but the organization’s societal message is coming out subtly too.

Over and above this, technological advancements, innovative management activities, lectures in prominent colleges and grand functions are some other ways of generating media attention and hence boosting one’s B2B lead generation efforts.  Through this, the lead generation companies can ensure that their lead generation services are generating the desired results.

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