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Lead Generation

The Fundamentals of Sales Lead Generation

Let's say you decide you want to be president. You don't want until November 2nd, go down to your local pol...

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B2B Sales Leads

Sales that Close

Sales That Close Too Quickly

Once upon a time, a salesperson rushes into the office shouting, "Break out the bubbly because I just close...

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Lead Generation Fails

3 Reasons Why Lead Generation Programs Fail

Is your B2B lead generation effort suffering from low-quality sales leads? Not enough sales leads? Ineffici...

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4 Reasons why Lead Generation Scripts Show Results!

Sales lead scripts provide lead generation consistency and qualification control. If you've ever been t...

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The 5 Worst Cold Call Openers

Every carpenter needs to have a set of tools – hammers, saws, screwdrivers, etc. Good tools will serve you ...

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Sales Rep or Problem Solver?

Ready for the simple truth? You are not a sales person.   Even if your job is technically in sale...

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Cold Call Tips

Understanding Cold Calls

Cold calls are the ugly Christmas sweaters of the sales world: no one likes to receive them and only rare, ...

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Lead Motivation

Testing a Sales Lead for Motivation

You have likely met this type if prospect: all sorts of problems and a willingness to discuss them. You bei...

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Sales Leads

What is a Sales Lead?

What's the difference between a prospect and a sales lead? Often, people in sales get locked up in the spec...

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Breaking Down The 3-Minute Lead Generation Myth

"Hi, my name is John Smith. You need widgets. Our TruBlu Widgets will exceed your expectations. Would you l...

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The Shutdown Window: Three Strikes and You’re Out

In generating sales leads, like baseball, you want a home run. But in order to get home, you have to make i...

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Managing Gatekeepers During Lead Generation

One of the first questions to consider in lead generation is how to get past the “gatekeeper” – the perso...

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