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How Leads Are Qualified

B2B lead generation company & Appointment Setters

Superior Appointment Setting & Lead Generation Services

Since our founding in 1989, SSM has generated over 3 million B2B sales leads. Our Major Account sales lead generation services and appointment setting programs are targeted to those companies with “complex” B2B products and or services that may also have one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Decision-makers that are typically at the Owner, Director, VP, or C level of contact.
  • Long sales cycles that after a lead is developed require our clients to make multiple sales calls (typically over a period of time) to close a deal. These sales typically have large deal sizes.
  • Sales that require multiple sales calls (typically over a period of time) to close.
  • Typically our clients are utilizing a “solution sell process” and therefore require lead generation where prospects have a challenge, problem, or issue that needs to be resolved. Our excellent B2B lead generation services make us the top B2B lead generation company in the USA & Canada.

Being a leading B2B lead generation service provider and an add-on of your company, we perform the time-consuming tasks of finding and qualifying potential leads for you.

Our B2B Lead Generation Services

B2B lead generation services & B2B Appointment Setting

Appointment Setting Services

Simply put, we have been providing appointment setting services for over 30 years with unparalleled experience. Our US based team has experience in hundreds...

Lead generation & appointment setting company B2B

Inbound Lead Qualification Services

Don’t let good leads fall through the cracks. You are paying good money to develop those leads, might as well speak with them. Be the first vendor your prospects speak to...

Lead generation & appointment setters for B2B sales

B2B Lead Management

You’ve got good leads. Make sure they are nurtured and followed-up on properly. Don’t leave this purely to automation. We will put the human touch in your nurture process.

Appointment Setting & Lead generation for consultants

Phone Customer Satisfaction Survey

Make sure you are doing a good job of keeping your clients happy. They don’t often tell you they are unhappy; instead they take their business...

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Why Are We the Best B2B Lead Generation Service Provider?

Our Calling Center is U.S.-based: Our reps are U.S.-based native English speakers – not an offshore call center. We know how to speak to your prospect’s challenges and industry culture.

No Outsourcing: Some lead generation companies outsource the work to contractors; we don’t. All of our reps are employees of SSM, and we invest in developing their skills. We believe that our model delivers better results for you.

Experienced Sales Reps: Our reps have an average age of 35-55. They know how to build relationships with high-level decision-makers.

Industry-Founding Lead Generation Firm: SSM was established in 1989 and we helped invent this industry. We have an unsurpassed record of longevity and success.

Versatile Expertise: We know how to generate leads for major account B2B sales in hundreds of categories of products, solutions and services.

B2B Appointment Setting Services

Backed by 30+ years in the field, our core expertise in B2B appointment setting helps our customers acquire new clients and expand their bottom lines. Our seasoned appointment setters put your sales team in front of interested decision-makers. Helping you achieve your revenue goals, we manage tasks like:

When you use our appointment setting services, your team can concentrate on what they do best: nurturing leads and closing deals. Contact us today for assistance that will put your sales team over the top.

Get the Most From Your Sales Team With Appointment Setting From SSM

Every SSM appointment setter is well-versed in dealing with decision-makers. Their skills, combined with an intimate knowledge of your company, deliver appointments that can make a difference in your bottom line.

Relying on SSM for your appointment setting accelerates your sales cycle by locating more and better-qualified sales leads from the very start. When you get an appointment set by SSM, you know your team has a prospect familiar with your business and interested in your products or services.

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B2B Appointment Setters

Appointment Setting Collaboration You Can Count On

Working with SSM appointment setters jumpstarts your sales process. Instead of cold calling and weeding through dubious prospects, you get warm leads that your sales team can immediately act on. When they hire us for appointment setting, B2B companies get a partner they can trust. Our multi-faceted approach includes:


We develop a list of prospects based on your company’s unique parameters, like geographic location and target market.


SSM’s advanced sales scripts emphasize your company’s value proposition.

Cold Calling

Our experienced teams make the calls needed to identify the best prospects to follow up with.

Delivering Results

Thanks to our appointment setting services, you get a list of warm leads ready for the next step.

Appointment Setting Services That Work

SSM appointment setters have next-level expertise in conversing with decision-makers and moving them along the sales funnel until they’re ready to talk directly with your team. Our appointment setting services don’t just give you a list of leads. Our programs deliver connections with the target audience you’re looking for, an audience that’s ready to continue the conversation with your staff. SSM’s proven strategies will boost your sales process. When your team doesn’t have to worry about the grind of cold calls, they can concentrate on higher-value tasks.

Take Advantage of Our B2B Appointment Setting Expertise

We’ve honed our strategies over the years to develop the most effective approach to B2B appointment setting. Our services deliver qualified appointments without the hassle of cold calling. Contact us today to see how our services can make a difference in your sales process.

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Optimize Your Sales Strategies With Appointment Setting From SSM

Appointment setting from SSM directly adds value to your business. Our expert appointment setters connect your sales team with interested decision-makers. Your team is spared from making cold calls and qualifying prospects. Instead, they can focus on leads who want to talk with them.

Running your own program can overextend your team, demoralize staff members and lead to missed opportunities. But appointment setting services with SSM allows you to reallocate precious resources and regenerate your team with leads that are ready to go. We deliver genuine selling opportunities and fill your team’s calendar with qualified appointments. You’ll be connected with priority prospects interested in buying from you.

Frequently Asked Questions About B2B Appointment Setting Companies

SSM is an industry-leading B2B appointment setting company, so we’re well-poised to answer your questions. Read the following FAQs to learn more, and be sure to contact us for additional information.

What Is B2B Appointment Setting?

B2B appointment setting is a well-executed, multi-step process in which leads are contacted, qualified and scheduled for an appointment with a sales team member. It’s the last step in the lead generation process.

Why Is B2B Appointment Setting Important?

B2B appointment setting is important because it creates personal connections with prospects, increasing your chances of closing a sale.

What Is the Difference Between Lead Generation and Appointment Setting?

Lead generation provides a list of leads who may be interested in your products or services, while appointment setting goes a step further and secures your team a chance to talk with prospects who want to know more about your services or products.

B2B Appointment Setting Customized to Your Needs

SSM uses its proven strategies and knowledgeable insights to design a B2B appointment setting program tailored to your requirements. We take your goals and target audience parameters to create a service that generates actionable leads for your sales team. Our expert appointment setters build relationships with your targeted prospects and qualify them based on your specific criteria. They represent your company with credibility from the very first phone call.

Hire SSM for Appointment Setting That Delivers Results

With SSM appointment setting, B2B companies get a seasoned partner skilled at developing leads and setting appointments that allow your team to nurture prospects and close sales. We have the expertise, strategies and knowledge to set the table for your success. Contact SSM today for the assistance you need.

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